Table of Contents: Translation Studies

Translation Studies
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Original Articles
Sociology of literature, sociology of translation: The reception of Irène Némirovsky's Suite française in France and Britain
Author: Angela Kershaw

Pseudotranslation in the fiction of Akutagawa Ryu-nosuke
Authors: Thomas O. Beebee; Ikuho Amano

Reading multimodal translational webs Dialogue of the visual and the verbal in Vanity Fair's publication of Chronicle of a Death Foretold
Author: Anna Fochi

What happens if we think that translating is a wave?
Author: Ubaldo Stecconi

Medieval literature through the lens of translation theory Bridging the interpretive gap
Author: Lynne Long

Reading from the outside: The uses of translation for Virginia Woolf's “common reader”
Author: Jennifer Raterman

Translation Studies Forum: Cultural translation
Authors: Mary Louise Pratt; Birgit Wagner; Ovidi Carbonell i Cortés; Andrew Chesterman; Maria Tymoczko

Book reviews
Authors: Angelo Bottone; M. Teresa Caneda Cabrera; Reine Meylaerts; Anne Markey

Notes on contributors